Now all I do is try not to drown.

Running empty on input stimuli, need to see, read and hear again, what has happened, life, drinking, and work. But I kinda liked Hung, the new HBO series from “The Riches” creator Dmitry Lipkin and his wife Colette Burson, with Alexander Payne as executive producer. Especially dug the last episodes with Ray’s new love affair.

Why don’t you go market your dick?

Ayo That’s Gross!

Dolores and Milow are making it big over at the Perez and Kanye pond with their rendition of 50 Cent’s Ayo Technology. We like! The video seems to spark some really funny comments, but what can be expected if you put your original fate in the dreamy hands of a polish fiddy shorty who goes trucking with his big belly & white sunglasses and turns it all into a honey swallowing superrapstar deathmatch. Watch out for the making of, which will go online hopefully soon.

Director: Isaac E. Gozin
D.O.P.: Rik Zang
Editor: Joris Rabijns
Produced by Homerun Records & MTV Networks
Featuring the “deVilles harem girls”, introducing Jen Vandermeersch as the Queen Bee
‘Milow – Ayo Technology’ worldwide available on iTunes!

On Running.

“Panic is really the word, and I should write it quickly, for it was
that which made legs run off their own accord, fleeing not death but
the unexpected.”

— Jean Genet

Pray for Your Ideas

Pretty fucken awesome:

On The Origin of Writing.

“There are no undiscovered great writers. There is such a hunger for great writing, and there are so few good writers out there. I actually have a Darwinian view of writing. Write three scripts on spec, and if by the end of that third one, you haven’t felt that energy coming toward you – that excitement, that enthusiasm about finding a new voice – you should find something else to do, because you should feel that. It’s harsh, but it’s just true. You can get somebody to read your work. So, just try it. Just write, and see who gets excited about it.”

Marshall Herskovitz

Can’t go home smelling like a meth lab.

Damn, I surely wasn’t expecting this: AMC’s “Breaking Bad” truly blew me away. The pilot had it all: a dark and twisted theme, funny lines, good structuring, amazing acting and beautiful cinematography. If there’s one new series you have to check this year, this is it folks.

And don’t get too let down by what you READ about it. I must admit I wasn’t really feeling the logline (“highschool chemistry teacher starts cooking meth”). It sounded way too difficult to setup, too farfetched, possibly too much alike weeds (but boy is it different, weeds is like the teletubbies compared to the gritty breaking bad world).

I also must admit I was one of the few apparently who didn’t seem to dig Mad Men as much as anyone else. Sure, the production design was amazing, it had some good actors, some good dialogue but the stories, nahh, they bored me. There was not enough conflict, not enough emotional involvement with the main characters, not much incentive to keep on watching, I couldn’t care less about what was going to happen and sort of understood why HBO declined on it. So I was thinking, “yeaah AMC is not really the new Showtime or HBO they hope to be. And now, they’re trying to spice things up with some high school teacher who goes crazy and starts cooking meth? Yeah right”.

So please: do not follow this reasoning if you tend to agree with me based on your readings. Watch it, because the magic is: it really does work. You deeply care about the main character and you’re willing to understand much of his actions and the craziness of the story. This is where all good drama begins. This is why you care about Tony Soprano the killer. This is why you care about Walter White, chemistry teacher & meth cook.

Anyway more info on the show that might convince you to check it out:
– the pilot was beautifully shot by the amazing John Toll (Thin Red Line and many many more)
Bryan Cranston gets the role of his life. I truly hope he gets some sort of Emmy for this.
– the cast is made up between people who appeared on Deadwood, on Big Love and that amazing cop in Little Miss Sunshine.
– the series is created and mostly written by one of the X-files producers Vince Gilligan (although seriously, the x-files link is nowhere to be found)
– check the trailer out (although I must say, the trailer didn’t convince me that much, but anyway)

Good to know though is they only aired 7 episodes of the first season due to the writer’s strike. Season 2 however is coming up with 13 brand new episodes. No air dates have been set yet. I cannot wait.

Pretty Pictures

Thanks to Dolores for the link:

“Pencil Face” from the SCADshorts website. Watch the quicktime HERE.

On Language.

We learn and teach words in certain contexts, and then we are expected, and expect others, to be able to project them into further contexts. Nothing ensures that this projection will take place (in particular, not the grasping of universals nor the grasping of books of rules), just as nothing insures that we will make, and understand, the same projections. That on the whole we do is a matter of our sharing routes of interest and feeling, modes of response, senses of humour and of significance and of fulfilment, of what is outrageous, of what is similar to what else, what a rebuke, what a forgiveness, of when an utterance is an assertion, when an appeal, when an explanation — all in the whirl of organism Wittgenstein calls “forms of life.” Human speech and activity, sanity and community, rest upon nothing more, but nothing less, than this. It is a vision as simple as it is difficult, and as difficult as it is (and because it is) terrifying.

Stanley Cavell, Must We Mean What We Say, p. 52

On horror

Fear is of danger; terror is of violence, of the violence I might do or that might be done to me. I can be terrified of thunder, but not horrified by it. And isn’t it the case that not the human horrifies me, but the inhuman, the monstrous? Very well. But only what is human can be inhuman. Can only the human be monstrous? If something is monstrous, and we do not believe that there are monsters, then only the human is a candidate for the monstrous.

If only humans feel horror (if the capacity to feel horror is a development of the specifically human biological inheritance), then maybe it is a response specifically to being human. To what, specifically, about being human? Horror is the title I am giving to the perception of the precariousness of human identity, to the perception that it may be lost or invaded, that we may be, or may become something other than we are, or take ourselves for; that our origins as human beings need accounting for, and are unaccountable.

Stanley Cavell, The Claim of Reason, p 418-9

Why am I the one that always has to initiate sex?

Curb Your Enthusiasm. Just absolutely brilliant. The last HBO show I had to catchup on, and damn I’ve been missing out. I want to make pretty pretty pretty love to Larry David. So far the best episode must be The Doll, where Larry cuts the hair of a doll of his boss’s daughter. I still have 4 seasons to go though, and then there are 9 seasons of Seinfeld waiting, because I know some very wise beatminersoul deems it the best show on earth.