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Ayo That’s Gross!

Dolores and Milow are making it big over at the Perez and Kanye pond with their rendition of 50 Cent’s Ayo Technology. We like! The video seems to spark some really funny comments, but what can be expected if you put your original fate in the dreamy hands of a polish fiddy shorty who goes trucking with his big belly & white sunglasses and turns it all into a honey swallowing superrapstar deathmatch. Watch out for the making of, which will go online hopefully soon.

Director: Isaac E. Gozin
D.O.P.: Rik Zang
Editor: Joris Rabijns
Produced by Homerun Records & MTV Networks
Featuring the “deVilles harem girls”, introducing Jen Vandermeersch as the Queen Bee
‘Milow – Ayo Technology’ worldwide available on iTunes!


It’s been on and on and on

I shall write something up but for now: beautiful silence.

Shall you admire or be admired?

(c) Jerry Schatzberg

I love this photo of Edie Sedgwick. Insecure and arrogant, tamed and wild, reclusive and nymphomaniac, all at the same time. What will you be?

How to spend your teambuilding weekends.

Days of pleasure have finally arrived. Off to la champagne tomorrow. High rolling the good life. Be swell.

End of the year

Is coming too fast. We are not ready for making lists yet. There is still so much work ahead and the will to power seems sound asleep. We must regroup and catch up on too many overlooked brilliance. Step by Step. In-between champagne road trips and mastering dvds. This is the first sign of work fatigue. Money is a beautiful betraying mistress. How are you doing?

Who’s this dude?

There is a time for doctor richman and there is a time for nurse pet shop.
Doo-pop doo-pop da-tommy-too-pop.

Act of Humiliation

(c) Sam Dillemans