These were our 2007 TV victories.

So here we are.

The first 2007 list and it’s nothing but our beloved tv. This was the most easy list to make actually, since it encompasses almost everything we’ve been doing this year. There were not alot of movies, not alot of music and not alot of reading. Most of the time was consumed by the little screen. Suffice to say we still think the great minds of our generation are at work in television. The best comedy, the best drama, the best acting, the best writing, we all saw it in television. Are we blind? Are we too much focused on the little screen? Year after year we’ve pimping the networks and their shows but I’m afraid we can only continue to do so if they keep on producing this kind of quality. I hope this list will be the best argument to prove there’s so much to find on the little screen.

The problem of these shows keeps being all these different seasons. Sometimes you have to delve through a shitty first or second or third season to get to the real good stuff. Sometimes it gets shitty after the first season. But we encourage everyone who hasn’t seen anything of these shows to try it out and buy or rent these gems somewhere.

I had to exclude quite a few shows and some favorites of last year. This is not because these shows are suddenly bad but because I didn’t enjoy this past season as much as I did earlier. This list is more about particular seasons, not about shows in general. The list would have been a whole lotta different then.

So shouts go to the shows that didn’t make the final ten but had some quality as well: Dexter, Tell You Love Me, Mad Men, Brothers and Sisters, John From Cincinatti, Rescue Me, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, 4400, Rome, Sopranos, Big Love, Gossip Girl, The Riches and Grey’s Anatomy (and some I probably forgot).

Here’s the ten of 2007:

1. ENTOURAGE – SEASON 3 (part deux)

Entourage S3 part deux was the final installment before our boys went to shoot Medellin. The scenes with Drama were among the most emotional scenes I saw this whole year. The writing was off the wall. Amazing 8 episodes. Victory at last!


All the lost haters were still crying around mid-season 3 how bad Lost had gotten but I say: the ending, the ending the ending! Best piece of climactic writing in a television show ever. Season 3 had its share of problems agreed but Lost continues to fool everyone out there. This show is history in the making. This is the show we shall be telling our grandkids about. You cannot escape.


Oh Gregory! House finishes so high because of two things: a) it’s immense popularity, b) it’s quality of writing and acting. A show so popular with such amazing quality restores my faith in humanity. Say death to the blockbuster and viva House!


What show got the biggest laughs this year? We have some quality comedy shows in this top ten but The Office gets most funny show of the year. My god, what a comeback Greg Daniels and his writing staff did. I didn’t particularly like S1 & 2 but season three completely blew my mind. Safety Training might have been one of the best and funniest episodes ever written for tv. That’s what she said!


The best new show of the year and it’s yet again FX bringing the goods. This show was about lawyers but I don’t think we’ve been much inside a courtroom. This was not your typical courtdrama. The whole flashback structure got a little tiring towards the end but still they pulled it off very nicely. If you want to look at how a great pilot is written, this is your show to check out. Clever twists and writing, brilliant acting and beautifully filmed. Name me one movie this year that was as strong and thrilling as the Damages pilot.


I had quite a few initial problems with the dramedy writing of this show. The musical genius was obvious but the storylines were lacking somehow. The show got much better towards the end but still it may not be the strongest overall show of the list. However the individual genius moments and songs made up for it easily. If there was truly one original show this year, this is it. I think the second season may surprise a lot of people. Brett & Jemaine for mancrush of the year!


Another one that took me by surprise. I had heard some good things about this show but never really bothered to check it. Until recently. And yeah, this is exactly my kind of comedy. Loud, harsh and politically incorrect to the bone. Seinfeld on crack, hell yea. I don’t think all the different episodes are equally good but boy oh boy, I’ve been truly laughing my ass off with most of season 2. One of the most underappreciated comedy shows, check it out!


David Duchovny in one of my top tens, who would have thought? I wasnt the biggest fan after the pilot but something made me come back and it was mostly this great family dynamic Californication created. I fell in love with the bastardness and sweetness of the Duchovny character trying to win his daughter and ex back. The ending was beautifully sweet as well. And who can forget the getting caught by the wives threesome sex?


Ah Friday Night Lights, praised by many, watched by few. This is a difficult one to review. Something inside me says it’s a little bit too cheesy, a little bit too simple, a little bit too much classic high school drama but another side says the creators got further than all that. There is definitely room for improvement but I do think this show does a very good job of delving a little deeper: yes its about football, yea its about teenagers in high school, agreed its about texas and rightwing voters and religious nuts. Not the most easy arena to get some liberal critics interested in. And yet they did. It’s not as good as the movie (which is quite honestly awesome) but there is much to be liked about this series. Do not dismiss that easily. This is a sleeper but a very good one nonetheless.


Or how I love the Deschanel family. No seriously, the biggest reason to stay for Bones is Emily Deschanel. She singlehandedly elevates this show to new heights. But it’d be unfair to take away praise from David Boreanaz and the other regular cast because they do a great job as well. If there is one thing to be learned from a show such as Bones and House: create some interesting characters in your team and get some great actors and you’ll notice you can do very good. The writing and plot of Bones isnt always that thrilling but sometimes they have some pretty clever episodes. This is a show that’ll give you great entertainment and hey, it’s even pretty well made. A deserved number 10.


8 responses to “These were our 2007 TV victories.

  1. The one and only reason to watch Bones is David Boreanaz. At least for most people. Everyone else deserves the condescending kinda praise you mentioned in your entry, whichever family you love.

  2. Gossip Girl! Would never have guessed you liked that :) alhoewel…
    good list, i still have much to see.

  3. yea gossip girl isnt that bad actually, one of the better new shows as well, quite the guilty pleasure :) and i have to see oz all seasons! that one, the unit all three seasons and twin peaks again are on my must see 2008 so far.

  4. oz, I wanna see all 6 seasons again. I could. I’m watching The Wire s4 now…

  5. Didn’t realize you’ve seen that much and me so little. Of your list, I only saw Lost and It’s always sunny… I’m working on the House part as we speak. A bit surprised about no Rescue Me or Dexter though. And you’ve finally made me eager enough to watch Entourage. Nicely done.

  6. So you really like all seasons of Oz?! I think the first half or so is really brilliant, but do think they kind of lost track after that.

  7. … I do agree about Entourage, Californication and FNL though, good shows all of them. I would have added Pushing Daisies to the list though, since it is one of my guilty pleasures.

  8. No i havent seen Oz yet, only bits and pieces which I liked. I’m checking it real soon tho.

    And I actually disliked the Pushing Daisies pilot, didnt get the fuss about the show and thought it was way too much a Dead Like Me ripoff. But should I bite the apple through?

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