This is a quote from my new favorite tvshow: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It must be the most politically incorrect sitcom on air right now, or as one youtuber says ‘Seinfeld on Crack’. Season 1 was kind of okay but I wasn’t won over fully. However, when Danny Devito joined ranks in Season 2, that’s when the real genius started to shine. The whole vibe got more focused and even more raw. The heavy in-your-face humor probably makes some people turn off their tv’s but it is exactly how I like my comedy: loud, dirty & abusive.  Just take a look at some of their awesome episode titles and get a grasp at the subjects they dare to tackle:

  • “Charlie Got Molested”
  • “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom”
  • “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby”

Here are also some promo’s:


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