I am lonely, will anyone speak to me?

(c) booo

Possibly best forum thread ever, spanning from page 1 up until at least page 1614 but don’t forget the middle ones either.

I feel so much better that I am not the only one that typed in “I am lonely” on google. How pathetic that I have nothing better to do. It is amazing that I can be so extremely successful at work and so lonely at home. I got married at 17, had four children, completed a masters degree, became the youngest professor at my work, opened my own practice, yet have found myself in a lot of debt with a husband that has worked out of town for almost a year. He visits every once in awhile. I am not sure what to do but I need to do something. I am not getting any younger.

I’m virtually useless right now.

So I re-married after 24 years. Now, I want out after only five months. I tried, but I would be living his life and not mine. I want to live mine since I can’t live mine alongside his. He wants to control my every move. How can I leave in way least painful to him?


5 responses to “I am lonely, will anyone speak to me?

  1. Ela! Piewie. Een linkje naar Bo’s fotos zou wel mogen. http://www.flickr.com/photos/booo/

  2. Staat er toch al bij? Als ge doorklikt op de foto, komde erbij.

  3. In dat geval heb ik niks gezegd! ;)

  4. ahnee ma tis goe dat ge protective zijt of credit, kzou nog links eig mss onder de fotos moete zetten ma ben er net dat tikkeltje te lui voor :)

  5. ik ben een hoer en was te lui om over die foto te bewegen. haha. mijn fout.

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