They don’t fuck the girls, but they kind of fuck each other.


The best counterargument of why one should always be very wary to start theorizing and drawing conclusions from the “message” of movies, always comes from the makers themselves.

The whole guy-meets-guy concept of Superbad generally just developed out of a need to create an emotional tension that was lacking in the original screenplay. And you can thank Judd Apatow for that. I’ll let the end of the Creative Screenwriting article with Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg do the talking. This also pretty much rebuts my previous post and actually the emotional arc makes the movie indeed much funnier. Great thinking!

As Rogen put it: “We wanted a sweet center to our filthy outer core. Judd stresses questioning: Is it a good, clear, simple, emotional story that’s working from scene to scene?”

As the two discussed finding a more emotional hook for Superbad, Apatow suggested upping the stakes of the relationship between the protagonists. “Maybe it was there from square one and Judd just saw it,” Goldberg says. “We definitely had a big argument between Evan and Seth, but initially it was just about bailing. ‘You bailed on me, you bastard! We’re supposed to be friends.’ Stuff like that. Judd, being smart, suggested, ‘What if he’s really bailing on him? If Evan’s going to a different university that Seth’s not smart enough to get into, although they had always talked about going to a school together?’ Suddenly, Judd had created a great complicated dynamic out of the simple, more childish one that Seth and I originally composed.”

Apatow’s note led to more tension between the Seth, Evan, and Fogell characters, and created a triangle of sorts by mapping out that Fogell and Evan were to room together at college. This separation anxiety is finally resolved as their crazy night ends when Seth and Evan sleep over and drunkenly profess just how much they love each other – as friends off course.

“It just made us laugh our asses off when we were writing it,” Rogen recalls. The scene evokes the perfect mix of comedy and emotion as these best friends, who will truly miss each other, finally speak their minds. “I’d say we got that one pretty much the first time we wrote it,” Rogen recalls.

“Once we realized this scene should just be them saying they love each other – once that idea came up, we pretty much knew what it should be. It’s like a dude love story, in a weird kind of way. The big joke is they’re trying to fuck these girls the whole movie and then at the end, they don’t fuck the girls, but they kind of fuck each other.”


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