Take me on ya genocide tour.

M.I.A. by  tomakeyoublow

The new M.I.A. album Kala is coming out in a week but the album has already been leaked online. I’m not down yet with all the songs but I like a couple already. This time the album is produced by various people such as Switch, Blaqstarr, Timbaland and good old philly (boy)friend Diplo. But it appears things aren’t what they used to be in Diplo Maya land, as we can read in her latest pitchfork interview, where she sound quite bitter about Diplo making the headlines so much instead of her.

Nonetheless, it’s all about the music right? And the best track on Kala happens to be a Diplo production: Paper Planes. Here’s a wonderful little video during the making of that song when everything still seemed a-okay (although the “look how cute we were” comment seems rather ironic in light of the previous article).

Also check the full version of the song:

M.I.A. – Paper Planes (produced by Diplo)

And as a last bonus, here are the two music videos that already hit on YouTube: Boyz and Jimmy.


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