Just saw the pilot of the new upcoming FX show Damages, starring Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Ted Danson and I must say this is one of the finest pilots I have seen in a while. I was enthralled by the story the whole time I was watching and the weird thing is I don’t always like the use of flashbacks in a TV show but boy did they pull this one off nicely. Also yeah, it is one of those same old courtdramas but a) they hardly spent any time in court so far and b) don’t expect it to be any shitty law & order. It’s more like Devil wears Prada goes The Firm. If that comparison means anything at all because these films have primarily the same theme in common than atmosphere & writing per se.

So yeah this isn’t an endorsement as far as the whole series goes. I hope they keep the same fine acting, writing & directing and then it truly will be one of the best series this year.


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  1. Nice blog! I ran across it looking for some pics..lol

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