Wild Strawberries

A much needed repost. R.I.P. Ingmar Bergman.

Victor Sjöström in Wild Strawberries

If I have been feeling worried or sad during the day, I have a habit of recalling scenes from childhood to calm me. So it was this evening.

(c) Wild Strawberries – Ingmar Bergman


3 responses to “Wild Strawberries

  1. Merkwaardig genoeg overleed enkele uren later ook de Italiaanse, 94-jarige regisseur Michelangelo Antonioni, eveneens een legende in de filmwereld.

  2. That is a really striking picture of Bergman. May he RIP, it was a sad week for film.

    Great blog, keep posting.

  3. actually that’s not Bergman in the photo, it’s a still from Smultronstället, depicting Victor Sjöström, who’s playing the professor. Could see why you were confused though, I should clear that up in the post.

    Thanks for your kind words.

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