Parc de la Vilette

Who knew making a one day trip to Paris could be so fun? Swedish people are way too nice for blabbermouths, being a musician rocks if you can get your whole band private rooms and find three dirty Belgians in your bed, looking like jailbait makes the younguns go wild but letting the pop shine on stage gets the most props. Thanks so much to all you hospital wild cats, fanboy pics for life, hope to see you soon again and catch up for real. Big Sur, Love Life! DUM D-D-D-D-DUM DUM DUM DUM DEDUM!


4 responses to “StarStruck

  1. The best of times. Fanboys for life!

  2. ja ben nog altijd aant afkicken eigenlijk, had too much fun idd. Ma godver, nog altijd wel nen dikke fuck off to whom spit in my ear!

  3. lmao! But you gotta give it to ‘m, he had a crack eagle’s eye pulling that off from out of a window.

  4. big ups to the spatking!

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