Three makes it right.

With spring TV-season wrapped up, I am waiting on the new ‘Rescue Me‘, the new ‘Weeds‘ and David Milch’s ‘John From Cincinatti‘.

Before making that jump however, I wanted to shoutout these four drama shows for making this spring such a bliss and for still going so strong in their third season. All of them might even have had their best season so far:

The Office US – Season 3

I am the biggest fan of Ricky Gervais’ original The Office and not a long time ago, I just couldn’t be brought to watch the US remake. I love Steve Carell’s work in general but I just couldn’t picture anyone else other than Gervais playing David Brent (or well Michael Scott as the character is called in the US).

But thanks to theglog, I finally caved in and started to watch the US version. At first, I still wasn’t won over. Everybody seemed to try too hard to be as funny as the original. But then, midway through Season 2, something magical started to happen. As if everyone had found their place and knew how to be funny in their own way. The humor didn’t rely on the British version anymore. Fully fledged characters appeared, new relationships occurred and a whole new ensemble cast stood up.

Season 3 took it even further and became, bar none, the funniest sitcom on American Television. It doesn’t even matter anymore there once existed a British universe. The whole show now exists in its own domain. There’s nothing to buy from anymore, nothing to imitate. They took it somewhere else!

Rainn Wilson does magical things as Dwight K. Schrute, I wanna marry Jenna Fisher as Pam Beesley, Jim Halpert is my best buddy and Steve Carell has my deepest sympathy as mankind’s failed consumer product.

If you loved the original series and think this is just another bloody American remake, don’t be a fool: wade through the first two seasons and fall in love with 3!

Lost – Season 3

All the Lost haters are easily to identify: they yap about not getting any answers. But patience is a virtue, and I agree there are episodes that seem to drag on. Especially the whole flashback thing seems to become problematic. By now, we know the main characters and there’s nothing much new to reveal.

But Season 3 took a different turn from the start, focusing on only three of our main protagonists. It wasn’t met by a lot of acclaim and again, people started to get nervous, where does this all lead to?

The thing with Lost is that it can indeed wear you out if you watch it on a week-to-week basis. But if you take a step back and watch a few episodes in a row, you notice how utterly brilliant it is made. The writing is so cleverly constructed, thinking out this whole universe with all its rules, and creating immensely interesting choices for its characters. For that is still the core of the show: strong characters caught up in a swamp of mystery, re-examining their past and coming to terms with it or being defined by it, looking out to improve the future.

Lost is slowly peeling off layer after layer to its mystery, but heck, if you really take your time and look beyond the answers for a minute, and instead would look at the human drama of two groups of people on an island struggling to cope with each other, you should find season 3 enormously appealing.

Not to mention that the finale is one of the best season endings I have ever seen. All the fans have returned to the mothership. We are all ready for the final three seasons. They should be awesome, considering the fact the screenwriters now also have a deadline to work with and are able to plot out exactly their show’s resolution.

So for all you haters out there, don’t leave yet, the best is still to come.

Entourage – Season 3

Season 3 of Entourage is somewhat of an oddball, since they split it up in 12 episodes last year and then returned with 8 episodes more.

But suffice to say, if this gem hits the dvd shelves under Season 3, be sure to pick it up. I’m a sucker for buddy movies (Some Like it Hot!) and Entourage may be the closest thing there is to a buddy tv series.

It has been labelled by some as “Sex & The City” for guys, since it mostly involves four rich friends trying to bang every girl they meet. And indeed much of the show revolves about girls, friendship and hedonism, which is obviously one of the reasons I like it.

But the show somehow touches another chord as well. These are just regular guys trying to do good. Does that sound like phoney oprah crap? Yes, it does. But such is the wonder of creating drama. If you make your characters believable, if you make them feel like one of us, we see ourselves through them. We treat them as friends, lovers or enemies.

And well that puts me in the position of wanting to have babies with the whole Entourage cast.

House MD – Season 3

Why is it that we adore assholes on television so much but absolutely hate them in real life?

I am still not entirely sure about answering this. I think it’s mainly because on televison we see the good beneath the asshole facade. While we just see someone making an ass out of himself in real life.

It’s also funny what kind of flaws we forgive in a character if he saves a human life. We forgive Dr. House for being the biggest asshole doctor you have ever seen, just because every week he saves another human being. And for being right every time. For recognizing the problem. For knowing the truth.

People who proclaim to know the truth often have the disadvantage of not being able to prove their case. Doctors however do. Doctors are able to identify the little bugger that made your voice sound weak and destroy it.

I envy Dr. House. I wish I could prove my truth the same way he does. I wish I could justify being an asshole. And I bet those 20 million Americans watching every week, think mostly the same thing.

That dichotomy in House and Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of it make this show one of my all time favorites. Season 3 proved to be of the same stature. Do not sleep.


2 responses to “Three makes it right.

  1. fantastic post! :)
    agree on all 4 counts

    here’s for more assholes, cunts and dicks on tv next season!

  2. Great write up dude! Still so much to see though. BTW since you like them little critters so much:

    It’s after you noc…

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