Situation as antagonist

Knocked Up

Very interesting tidbit from a Creative Screenwriting interview with Judd Apatow, who comes out with a new movie shortly called Knocked Up.

For all the fighting in the film, there’s one thing missing in Knocked Up: an antagonist. “I hadn’t really thought of that!”, Apatow laughs.

“I think the baby is the antagonist. I’m a big fan of John Cassavettes and Hal Ashby’s work and what I saw Garry Shandling do on Larry Sanders and what James Brooks and Cameron Crowe do. It all adds up to human stories. In life there are antagonists, but oftentimes the antagonist can be your own inability to mature or your difficulty in facing new situations.”

In other words, the situation can be the antagonist, such as in The 40 Year Old Virgin, where the problem was the virginity.

“My head rarely goes to ‘who’s the villain?'” Apatow continues. “I just try to think of real situations and stories where people try to get through normal, everyday stuff. Hopefully the texture of the story and the comedic point of view make it more interesting.”


13 responses to “Situation as antagonist

  1. izzie!! izzie stevens from grey’s anatomy!! :)

  2. aha thats why she got this role, hadn’t seen her before. urgently need to check grey’s anatomy, everyone’s pimping it and i keep thinking it looks so soapy. need some discussion arguments :)

  3. well it IS soapy, but dr. mcdreamy is an argument!! :) nee maar ik ben er toch verslaafd aan geraakt, tho I really like hospital shows toch vinnik het stuuukken beter als ER ofzo, i’m easily sold when there’s big ass cliffhangers, loads of blood and strange operations.

  4. ja ma ik blijf denken dat het shit is, ma ga het wss wel liken denk ik als het goed geschreven is. ma House is gewoon de allerbeste meest geniale hospital serie ever, dus beter kan het echt niet zien. Plus I bet Hugh Laurie is hotter than any mcdreamy (what’s in the fucken name zeg? :).

  5. en soapy is trouwes niet per se slecht: desperate housewives is dat ook en is super goed.

  6. WHAT dude it cannot beat this –
    desperate housewives, i dunno, i dont like women. let alone desperate women! :)
    House mn broer kijkt da ook, i should start yes.

  7. hah yea but i don’t care he’s pretty, we’ll see if he’s as loveable as doctor house or christian troy. will chekkin soon.

  8. loveable except that he’s an ass, but a pretty one! :) no but do check, I bet it’ll be your guilty pleasure AND mancrush.

  9. ah ja ma das exact wa die ander twee ook zijn, which is why they’re so loveable to me :)

  10. house is a cool ass!
    nu dinsdag season finale!

  11. Ahaa… Patrick Dempsey. Well known for roles in Loverboy, Coup de Ville and Run. Thought he was dead. Or at least thought his career was.
    I’m having trouble believing that Apatow doesn’t think about antagonists. At some point or another he has to. And then he put some serious thought in to the whole situation as antagonist thing. Otherwise no big studio would green light his projects. But most importantly, it seems to work really well.

  12. Patrick Dempsey’s funny!
    – Aspired to attend Clown College.
    – At the time of his first marriage he was 21 and his bride was 48.
    And most importantly:
    – Auditioned for the role of “Dr. Gregory House” on “House M.D.”
    And apparently settled for Grey’s Anatomy.

  13. haha! oh dear. but hey, at least everyone knows him as Dr. McDreamy now huh! some achievement.

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