My Watchmen Dreamcast


AICN reports that Zack Snyder is beginning to cast for his new Watchmen movie. So far he has offered Jude Law the role of Ozymandias (jeej!), Patrick Wilson the role of Nite Owl II (okay choice imho) and Keanu Reeves the role of Dr. Manhattan (WOOOT ughhh!).

Dolores and I did this dreamcast thing two years ago already (I wanted Jude Law back then as well, so great choice there Zack!) but it is time for a new round.

If Dolores was helming this project, we would see the following troupe:

Rorschach — Barry Pepper
The Comedian — Bruce Cambell
Dr. Manhattan — Gerard Butler
Nite Owl II — William H. Macy
Silk Spectre II — Julianne Moore
Ozymandias — Jude Law

I am still very much in agreement with Barry Pepper & Jude Law. But Macy and Moore are too old i think and Campbell is more of a comedic actor. So here’s my new and updated list with visual proof of why Zack Snyder should contact these people:


Barry Pepper must be one of the most underrated actors in film. This would be his first leading role but what a surprise he would be too many. He looks, walks, talks and acts like you have always dreamed Rorschach.

Ian Mcshane is an obvious choice. Not only does he already look like the Comedian, he proved in Deadwood to be one of the best actors in televsion at the moment. He’s the ultimate badass you love to hate.

Mark Ruffalo may not be the man you expect to play Nite Owl at first sight but Ruffalo is known to be able to completely transform for a role. He can play the sweet guy, the bad ass, the nerd or the hip partygoer. Nite Owl would require another tranformation but if you want anyone to pull that off, Ruffalo is your guy.

Another contested choice but what applied for Ruffalo, applies for Eric Bana as well. He’s not the leading man yet who rakes in the box office millions but over the years the public has beginning to know him and he has time after time proven to be an amazing actor. Remember Chopper?? Bana became this bald, fat, tattood Australian psycho killer and quickly drew the attention of Hollywood. He could do it again as the bald, blue superhero that is Dr. Manhattan.

Do we even need to justify this choice? Even Zack Snyder is convinced Jude Law would pull a great Ozymandias.

The only disavantage for Michelle Monaghan is the fact that she isn’t that well-known yet. They tried to make her big with Mission Impossible III but that movie just stunk and wasn’t the breakthrough Michelle was maybe hoping for. Watchmen however could be. Monaghan is amazingly beautiful, is a superb actress as proven in smaller flicks like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and somehow has that superhero toughness one would need to play Silk Spectre.


Alan Arkin finally got his much deserved oscar this year, so I’m not going to try and defend his acting qualities. He might be a bit too old, I agree there but with the right make-up and a wig, he could be the best original Nite Owl.

Helen Mirren is the most obvious choice these days if you need an older dame with stature. So don’t waste any time Zack, just pick her.

I know: Robert Downey JR aint blonde. But just imagine him as blonde and poof, with all that Downey quirkiness, you got yourself a Captain Metropolis.


2 responses to “My Watchmen Dreamcast

  1. Well done, sir, well done indeed :)

  2. You SUCK!!! Here’s a real cast lineup: Kate Upton as Silk Spectre II, John
    Francis Daley as Nite Owl II, Kieran Culkin as Rorschach and Armie Hammer as Ozymandias. Eric Bana and Ian McShane are pretty good actors, I just don’t see Jude Law as Adrian Veidt

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