on hume and women

alright macho lovers, lets only have one subject tonight:

first off for background music: a new Cat Power song has been released from her upcoming album The Greatest. It will be released in January (i’m not particularly fond of the song but we’ll cross our fingers for the rest of the album).

but the main issue : I saw parts of Peter Weir’s Year of Living Dangerously again tonight and must admit I’m adding Sigourney to my “Nature Giveth and Taketh” beauty queen list (cheers to Dan Knauf for terminology btw).

The rules for that one are as easy as can be:

be very attractive at some point in your movie life and be very spooky at a later date (bad plastic surgery or scary make-up is not accepted, we’re really talking about natural beauty fading away really quickly, as if it never happened, which off course happens to us all but these ladies are quite exceptional examples me thinks)

To get a hang of it, here’s some other examples:

– Lauren Bacall: To Have and Have Not & The Shootist
– Angie Dickinson: Rio Bravo & around Big Bad Mama

I’m cooking up more examples, maybe Dolores can do one for the gents.


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