a message to the far away free

Dear Garden State lovers,

the noctos board likes Natalie Portman too and understands her appeal but we are not so sure about Garden State. Don’t get us wrong, mr Zach Braff did an admirable job in doing altogether the writing, directing and playing the lead. Well at least the latter wasn’t so hard when you assign yourself to be Ms Portman’s love interest. In that regard we also heard a certain Monthly Dolores is steadily working on her upcoming pornographic comedy for which she will try the same procedure as herr Braff.

But back to the movie: it truly had its overall seductive quality (above), its occasional good writing (one thing about natalie’s character though, we didn’t like the hysteria, going from very irritating to very adorable), good acting (Braff, Portman and Sarsgaard are all nice) and the literally sweet music (the postal service, nick drake and the one and only great coldplay song there will ever be: Don’t Panic) but still it felt too much of drinking a bacardi breezer on a hot afternoon by the pool listening to a complete Manu Chao album.

So the board must advice you all:

For fun executed popcorn, it’s at Mr and Mrs Smith‘s place.

For a more meaningful love related movie, you should try David Gordon Green again and particularly his second movie All The Real Girls. It has better music, dialogue, story & camerawork but no Natalie (Zooey is fine too though).

The Board of Directors.


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