Dead City Radio Lyrics

Billy Dolores posted a link to a short film named Ah Pook Is Here which features recordings by William S. Burroughs from his Dead City Radio album. You can watch the whole film over at zed. The tracks used are:

4. Ah Pook the Destroyer or Brion Gysin’s All-Purpose Bedtime Story
9. No More Stalins, No More Hitlers
17. Ich Bin von kopf auf Liebe Eingestellt

Now interestingly I tried searching for transcriptions of the other tracks on Dead City Radio but I can hardly find any. Several webpages offer snippets but not one page has them all, which is a shame really because most texts are absolutely wonderful.

So I tried putting together the lyrics myself. Found some online, transcribed a few others. I’m only now missing one really big one, the fifth and longest track of the album “After Dinner Conversation” (12min). If anyone can help me out with that one, mail me.

You other cut up fans can download the texts here (txt doc, 20kb). I’m missing a few words here and there, so corrections are welcome too.

In the meanwhile I’ll post the text of my favorite song: Love Your Enemies.


3 responses to “Dead City Radio Lyrics

  1. Hi there,
    I couldn’t follow your link, maybe it is broken? Please could you give me, or point me in the direction of, the lyrics to ‘Ah Pook, the Destroyer’? I’ve been searching the net, but, like you said, they only appear to be posted in fragments, and many of these are inacurrate. I am especially interested in the list of gods and goddesses at the start of the track (mostly because I have no idea how to spell them, but would really like to read up on them).
    If you could help me out here I would be eternally gratefull :).
    Many, many thanks,
    Danny :)

  2. I have finally found a set of lyrics that are accurate and complete, as far as I can tell…
    I would like to point out that I do not own these lyrics, or hold the copyright to them; to the best of my knowledge they were written and read by William S Boroughs and are taken from the album ‘Dead City Radio’

    ‘Ah Pook, The Destroyer’

    When I become Death, death is the seed from which I grow

    Itzamna, spirit of early mist and showers.
    Ixtab, goddess of ropes and snares.
    Ix Chel, the spider web, catcher of morning dew.
    Zooheekock, virgin fire patroness of infants.
    Odziz, the master of cold.
    Kukupuket, who works in fire.
    Ixtabdoom, she who spits out precious stones.
    Ixchunchan, the dangerous one.
    Ah Pook, the destroyer.

    What are we here for?
    We’re all here to go…

    Hiroshima, 1945, August 6, sixteen minutes past 8 AM

    Question: Who really gave their order?
    Answer: Control. The ugly American. The instrument of control.
    Question: If control’s control is absolute, why does Control need to control?
    Answer: Control needs time.
    Question: Is control controlled by our need to control?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: Why does control need humans, as you call them?
    Wait… wait! Time, a landing field.

    Death needs Time, like a junky needs junk.

    Question: And what does Death need Time for?
    The answer is sooo simple.

    Death needs Time for what it kills to grow in.
    For Ah Pook’s sake.

    Death needs Time for what it kills to grow in.
    For Ah Pook’s sweet sake,
    You stupid vulgar greedy ugly American death-sucker!

    Death needs time for what it kills to grow in,
    For Ah Pook’s sweet sake,
    You stupid vulgar greedy ugly American death-sucker…

    Like this.

    ‘No More Stalins, No More Hitlers’

    We have a new type of rule now.

    Not one man rule, or rule of aristocracy, or plutocracy, but of small groups elevated to positions of absolute power by random pressures and subject to political and economic factors that leave little room for decision.

    They are representatives of abstract forces who’ve reached power through surrender of self.
    The iron-willed dictator is a thing of the past.
    There will be no more Stalins, no more Hitlers.

    The rulers of this most insecure of all worlds are rulers by accident.
    Inept, frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they cannot understand,
    Calling in experts to tell them which buttons to push.

    [[The video animations all stop at this point, but if anyone is interested the lyrics that I found continue as such: ]]

    Folks the message here is simple I think.
    Death and control need time.

    When bombs are continually used as an instrument of death,
    And War has continuously destroyed the Earth,
    Then Ah Pook descends to our planet, thus consuming it with death.

    Ah Pook descends into the dark hole (inner eden, inner peace),
    He begins absorbing the rain waters and begins to sprout life all about his rootlike self,
    But before life can take root, he kills himself.

    On the white hot plains of Venus
    There is a somewhat cooler spot,
    Which I have held against all contestants
    For over five hundred thousands years.
    Now you think I will be your “errand boy”?

    Summoned to this world
    By IBM and virus crystals.
    God of Pain and Fear,
    My name must be paid for.
    Give me my name back!

    How long could you hold that spot?
    You “board members.”
    About thirty seconds,
    With all your guard dogs.

    And you thought
    To channel my energies?
    My name is not yours to use!
    Henceforth I think about 30 seconds is gone

    [[These lyrics were pretty difficult to find, so I thought I would post them here to help anyone else searching for them. Hope they help, and hope you enjoy them, and the animation, a much as I did.
    Danny :) ]]

  3. Hello Again,
    I just wanted to correct an error in the last post because unfortunately I am not able to edit it.
    I’ve been doing more reading and research.

    After the point at which I said the animation stopped, the following lyrics from the line:
    ‘Folks the message here is simple…’
    ‘…Before life can take root he kills himself’
    were added by an unknown author, possibly as his/her own take on ‘Ah Pook, the Destroyer’.

    Then the lyrics:
    ‘On the white hot plains of Venus…’
    Through to:
    ‘…Henceforth I think about 30 seconds is gone’
    are by Adversary, and the poem or song is titled ‘Winter’s Harvest’ .

    Just wanted to set the record straight :)

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