The original (!) 200-pages script for The Thin Red Line is available for download. Definitely worth checking out: it’s massive and so so different you can hardly believe what you’re reading.

It gives an insight though why Adrien Brody was so upset when he saw the final cut of the film:

“I was so focused and professional, I gave everything to it, and then to not receive everything … in terms of witnessing my own work. It was extremely unpleasant because I’d already begun the press for a film that I wasn’t really in. Terry obviously changed the entire concept of the film. I had never experienced anything like that.” Brody had initially been touted as the lead, based on the size of the role in the James Jones source novel – he learnt a valuable, if painful, Hollywood lesson. “You know the expression ‘Don’t believe the hype’? Well, you shouldn’t.” Since that time, Brody has chosen projects – Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam aside – that will not resubmit him to media scrutiny.


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