Phil E(l)v(e)rum

Stare at that face and ask yourself why this rock star plays free lunch break shows at Icelandic high school’s.

Now visit his webpage and be up-to-date with his schedule.

Then try to order some stuff and tell me if these hilarious instructions work:

Send money, in a cash or a check to “P.W. Elvrum”, to our postal address. The prices for each thing include shipping. If you get multiple things, just multiply the price!
If you live outside the United Snakes please send 30% more money, or even more if you would like it sent by airplane instead of donkey. This is not precise, we know. We were not even planning on doing this at all.
No internet!

Postal Address:

P.W. Elvrum
Box 1561
WASH. 98221

Are you still confused? Don’t worry, I am too. Like I’ve always thought his last name was Evrum because I’ve seen him credited that way but the site says Elverum and even Elvrum. And you should also put Mount Eerie on your festival posters from now on. Stop using The Microphones because, quote: “I was only the lead guitarist in that band”.

Oh well, please keep up your music and wit mr. E. and I’ll peddle along for sure. Nice to see your a Kant fan as well.


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