Listmania For The Ladies.

It’s already January 13 but us geeks still enjoy making 2004 lists sorry folks. Since I don’t want these to get lost, make sure you check em out.

Here’s Viktor Sjöberg’s top 10. Check his blog for notes:

#1: Four releases by the artist formerly known as Rocky Dennis.
#2: Alejandra & Aeron – “Lost Cat”
#3: William Basinski – “The Disintegration Loops”
#4-10 in no particular order:
* The Embassy – “Wearing our Pop Art Hearts on our Sleeves”
* Fennesz – “Venice”
* Mokira – “FFT POP”
* Hood – “The Lost You”
* Kings of Convenience – “Riot on an Empty Street”
* Stephan Mathieu – “On Tape”
* Max Richter – “The Blue Notebooks

Here’s Igor J’s list:

1. Isis – Panopticon
2. Max Richter – The Blue Notebooks
3. Interpol – Antics
4. These Arms Are Snakes – Oxeneers or the lion sleeps when it’s antelope go home
5. Mirah – C’ mon miracle
6. Converge – You fail me
7. Tim Hecker – Mirages
8. Old Man Gloom – Christmas
9. Fennesz – Venice
10. Detachment Kit – Of this blood

Now who’re we missing?


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